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Transgender Zone Live

The transgender TV Show you can be part of!

Schedule 9.30pm-11pm Monday (monthly) UK (Click for UK TIME!)
WORLD TIMES New York (U.S.A. – New York) Monday, at 4:30PM-6PM EDT UTC-4 hours EASTERN Houston (U.S.A. – Texas) Monday, at 3:30PM-5PM CDT UTC-5 hours CENTRAL Los Angeles (U.S.A. – California) Monday, at 1:30PM-3PM PDT UTC-7 hours PACIFIC Sydney (Australia – New South Wales) Tuesday, at 6:30AM-8AM AEST UTC+10 hours AUSTRALIA When we next are on air simply click here to follow us and when we are next on air we will tweet you to join us in the chat room!


Join us for Free Every Month from 9.30pm (UK) in our virtual Drop-in group no membership required!




+HANGOUTS1. What is it?We have a Monthly TV show where tzbssearchlookcloserwe debate the news and comment with a group of pundits supported by our IRC chatroom.

The weeks in-between are private Google+ Hangouts – To join them they are a first come first serve group and the URL will be posted on Mondays in out Facebook Group here.

Transgender Zone hosts a weekly support and discussion group – it is free and available to all! A free virtual support group over the internet for transgender people.  Every month we stream the show and you can watch and join us in the chat room. Or take part with Skype (optional).

The Transgender Zone Friends Hub is basically a free proxy that protects you from needing to share your private account with strangers, you call us and we call others. In-between these broadcasts we have a more private Hangouts for those that worry about being public, this is on Google+ Hangouts. You can join us in few ways.LIVE MONTHLY

1. Privacy – listen to or watch to the video stream and type chat to the hosts.

2. Skype Call in on audio only and use a false name – you are a voice and like any caller to a radio show nobody need ever know your real name or location.

3. Send video and audio over Skype via your webcam (and headset) – check out our Youtube Channel (and subscribe) here to see what we get up to.



Using only the best audio/visual equipment we will host and ensure our guests via Skype can speak or be seen (your webcam is optional) through an A/V mixer – we will send video of us not only to the live stream so others can watch and send chat live to the show but also back to you mixed using a video mixer within Skype. This means we can drop the live stream and continue to talk privately on Skype after we officially finish in some instances. Its also a kinda ‘Transgender Think Tank‘ where we mull over ideas and thoughts that can be used for our community in activism. We sometimes need to thrash out ideas and opinions so we get it right when it comes to lobbying and improving trans rights. This group has already done that and continues to do so – so have your say :). Our group talks about diverse topics that include television, media and how transpeople are treated, interviews, informal discussions about trans topics and lightweight humour round table type chats. As more and more people have become familiar with Skype and the online world Transgender Zone offer you free online support that is unparalleled. Your privacy level can be simply just listening with headphones with a fake name typing into the chatroom – to actually joining us on audio or even sending video – what ever level you are happy with is fine by us :). This is perfect for those who are isolated, lonely, nervous or just need a sympathetic ear. It maybe you are newly out to your family and feel you need more support or maybe you want to try out your femme voice in a place of security? Or perhaps you just want to talk about trans issues and support others? Either way you are very welcome. This group is not for dating (well not initially, but you might meet a friend there who you can then go out with).


The Skype group is a fairly simple thing to understand. But if you have never heard of it it is basically a free way to call one another online. You can send and receive video too! But you do not have to! You can simply join us like your would consuming a Live TV or Radio Show, and text us through chat direct to the live stream what question you want to ask, and it will appear on screen live, so in this way you can listen and type but those around you at home need never know what you are listening to! For the more confident, we suspect it will not be long before you are sending us your video and joining fully with the group. We talk about all sorts of things here are some past topics!


If we are not on air then we are in a hangout! On a Mondays pop over to Facebook here and look for the Hangouts link and join us! Transgender Zone Facebook Group! Will post the Hnagouts link around 9pm on a Monday evening. You can chat about what is on your mind and get support or give advice. It is just a virtual coffee morning type environment where you can simply … well ‘Hangout!’ The room is a first come first serve basis. If it is full you may have to wait for someone to leave.2. Who runs it?It is run by

The Transgender Zone Team along with contributions from long standing well-known activists that have a wealth of knowledge and expertise.polsamsig

The hostsSam (Hub Producer) -An Honours graduate in Health and Social Welfare, and one of the founding members of Transgenderzone.com, hub producer responsible for connecting everyone together and managing the streams. More…  polronasig

Rona Rees -Beaumont Society Vice President and technical broadcasting expert. ChatRoom support! Now working at a high level in Wales and an adviser on transgender issues for Welsh Television. More…poljanettsig

Janett Scott -A well-known broadcaster who has appeared on countless television programmes in the UK and abroad on transgender issues – great advice and a laugh too. She was President of the Beaumont Society for a decade. More…poljuliasm

Julia Grant -Probably the most famous transgender person in the UK! Her ground breaking series entitled ‘A Change of Sex‘ on the BBC in 1979 and all her appearances since has changed UK transgender documentary making landscape forever!A regular social commentator and pundit for our show. She is a straight talker and very knowledgeable on transgender social issues in the North East and Manchester (UK). You can listen to her interview here.

+ Regular Pundits, Experts, Callers and ChattersRegular well known activists include: Manchester ‘Sparkle*’ organiser Jenny-Anne Bishop OBE and Author and Trans*Pride Brighton Organiser Sarah Savage.As well as a number of other keen and friendly activists and regular visitors who just want to chat and make friends. These include regular FTM’s, GenderQueers and partners of transpeople from across the globe.


Just a few friendly regular faces that take part in our group! 3. How do I join in?



tzonelogopodcastmed266x266tvscreensYou can join us by calling in to the show see below, however to begin with watch the live stream (TV advice Show).Click this link to visit the live page! The streaming Live media may not be live immediately after 9pm to allow for settling-in time for the hosts, but we will be available on chat. Joining in with the actual broadcast is optional. But you can join us in the chat room and watch the show live via our streaming player. This is ideal for those who join us in  Skype itself – but we happen to be full as you can still watch the live stream. If we are off air then visit our Facebook page and join the Monday Hangout!4.


Join us privately in the Chat Room! IRC Chat Room. Listening to the show without anyone knowing! We know just how nervous transgender people are about being found out so we have made it possible to participate without anyone knowing. Just clear your web history when you are done 😉

Our Chat Room in Full Flow! You listen to (or watch) the streaming video live with headphones! You join the chat room as a guest and do not have to speak and risk being overheard by family, you can change your name if you wish. Then listen to what is being said. If you would like to ask questions directly to the presenters or raise your own issues and ask for help and/or guidance just message the chat room and we will repeat it to the group! All Chat appears at the bottom of the live stream so your views will be heard even if you don’t speak! You can join the chat simply via our webpage here. However, if you are more advanced you can also use an IRC client. For more help on joining the chat via IRC there is an expandable box below the chatroom here. Click here and look at ‘MORE HELP’ below the chat room to see more.

The server we use is: irc.wyldryde.org #tzone Port 6667  5. Participation on Skype itself!

See section 6 for how to call (below). For some, listening and texting-in is not enough and you would like to be part of the broadcast panel. To do this You just need to install Skype, or use a smartphone (with a Skype app) headset or microphone and speaker. As most computers today come with webcams and speakers you are almost there already. You can improve the quality with a better headset and webcam if you find this something you become a regular in – but it really is not necessary to begin with. If you are joining us on Skype you can call us from 9pm Mondays.   For more advice on what to buy click here.

6. Contacts list for those who want to Voice call (Skype)!








Once you have added these to your list when we next log in we will be alerted that you have added them and accept them. But only add them to the list if you plan on actually getting involved and want to join in and chat, If you just want to listen just watch or listen to the stream and watch the chat room. Using Skype is fun but if you are listening with your mic on and not speaking your mic will hunt and hiss. It will also send us your keyboard clicking, mobile phone ring tunes and any other extraneous noise. Its simple to mute just click on the microphone and put a line through it, then, when you want to speak, click it again.

NUMBERS TO CALL! If you want to call us on Monday :) all you need to do is ask in the chat room here. And we will tell you what screens are available! If we do not answer join the chat say, hi and we will sort that out – if we are full, sadly you will have to wait for someone to leave or for us to arrange you to connect another way. But ask in the chat and we will try our best to accommodate you.

7. Trouble shooting

Can’t connect?First off give us chance to answer, if you are calling say 1, and we will see this and 1 maybe already in use, then we will drop the call, be patient and wait for 5 mins and we will call you on an available screen. Sometimes we have to juggle callers and this takes time. Please allow for a delay when calling as the host will have to add you to the conference or may drop your call and message you to call another account. For example if you call and there are already a couple on that we may drop your call and message you in Skype to call another screen for example where there are less people. Our meeting times are listed. If all else fails chat to us and watch the stream :).

Android or IOS Mobile Devices? The Chat room and Live USTREAM Player are now fully compatible with Android and Apple IOS. To ensure you use the chat room availble on the page rather than the USTREAM Chat available elsewhere use you device vertically so you can not only monitor the chatroom but also the video feed, so you can comment on anything being discussed live! Example from a typical Android device below in Vertical format.


Advantages in Joining Its Free, Low carbon footprint;) , Practice your voice and build confidence in a supportive environment! Build confidence in a secure environment with friends who understand. You can use a fake identity your forums username and avatar, webcam or your actual photo – it is up to you. Whatever the privacy level you are happy with is fine by us.


8. More HelpIf you need more technical help click here.


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