This is a basic FAQ if you would like more advanced technical information regarding equipment then please click here after reading this page.

1) How do I join in?

Click the Live TV in the menu and follow the instructions.

2) I looked at the live area but the chat room was empty!

Always check the group times ‘Upcoming Events’, they are shown on the top right of this page.

3) I called on Skype when it said but no one picked up.

We are often dealing with many guests and you may call on a pc that is already being used, we would simply drop your call and call you on one that is available. It maybe we are simply full or unable to take your call. Contact us in the ‘Virtual help’ section above and book your call in – send us your name and we will ensure we try to answer it.

4) I can’t see any video.

The amount of video we are able to manage is limited by technology and/or bandwidth. We can however suggest you use our audio options, but you won’t be able to see the video mixing unless you watch the video stream in the ‘Live’ section.

5) How secure is it?

It is as secure as we can make it. The very fact you can use an alternative identity, chat without speaking (or registering) and Skype accounts can be created with false details, and of course you can just send audio it is down to you and you alone how much info you share. You also by calling the hub eliminate the risk of others knowing your Skype account as you are only sharing with us.

If you have more questions feel free to ask them by visiting the chat room in the live section – but check the schedule.

Technical Equipment Advanced Advice then click here.