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 "T" By -SAM-

 'T' is a satirical transgender cartoon series and the Transgender Zone Comedy Page. Either in Ink art or using characters it satirises the transgender community and equally the way society deals with transgender issues. Like Us! Unlike many cartoons it is developed by a transgender person and shown on Transgender Zone. So although it may initially be having a dig at the community, behind every cartoon there is a message. It might be you enjoy this or you may think it is subversive. However, sometimes people are saying things that are never spoken out loud. 'T' helps address this.
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'T' Cartoons are available under a Creative Commons Licence - so you can share them on your social networks and even debate them elsewhere. However you must always place Image by in regular text (Size 10) next to the image as the source and an active clickable link as the location for more, you are not permitted to alter or edit the images. LICENCE Creative Commons License 'T' by -SAM- by Samantha Johnson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at If you want to use these commercially please contact us here.

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TransgenderZonedotComSatireNov2012   Two years after signing their promise to stem transphobia Channel 4 continue to broadcast it. Click here to read the MOU. TransgenderZonedotComSatireDec2012 Violent attacks on the increase, reports suggest trans are somehow asking for it.


TransgenderZonedotComSatireJan2013  Julie Burchill writes offensive content in the press. Click here to read it. TransgenderZonedotComSatireFeb2013  A programme about documentaries shown on Channel 4. But where are the dramas and Comedies? TransgenderZonedotComSatireMar2013  The BBC moves to Media City in Manchester, but their legacy in London Lives on! TransgenderZonedotComSatireApr2012 The challenges of raising awareness outside the transgender community where beauty, sex appeal and passing as women 100% is everything. TransgenderZonedotComSatireMay2013  Trans Media Action with their new site All about Trans try a new angle by taking media executives on Jollies. bftatrannytransgenderzonedorcom  Helen McCrory introduces the best leading actor category with the term 'Tranny'. More...  (image rebuilt in 3d engine and not original BBC BAFTA Image). bftperrybytransgenderzonedotcom   Grayson Perry won a BAFTA - But was it tokenism? More.. TransgenderZonedotComSatireJune2013 Following the roll out of Google Glass to the Tech Media - is this the future? TransgenderZonedotComSatireJuly2013  Following the loss of two transwomen who took their own lives, we ask ourselves this simple question! TransgenderZonedotComSatireJuly20133  Following the story of two transgender protesters who removed their clothes during a flight and exposed their breasts, we have to ask is there a time and a place for protest? TransgenderZonedotComSatireJuly20132 Television is actually like this if you do not believe me click here? Visit our Say no to transphobia page. TransgenderZonedotComSatireJuly20131 As a community we need more transparency - especially when organisations do things 'for us'. TransgenderZonedotComSatireJun20132  News of the arrival of the new heir to the throne, This is a reality they may not have yet considered! TransgenderZonedotComSatireAug2013   A satirical look at how things might have to be for many transpeople from now on following the the UK Court of Appeal case law which by rejecting the appeal of someone called McNally who was born female but identifies as male in some social situations. The crime being to meet a female online, and date her when presenting himself as male by the name of Scott! TransgenderZonedotComSatireSept2013 Last Month the Transgender Memorial in Manchester was vandalised click here for the full story and video interview with the chair of the park where it stands. Go Ahead trunk (Punk) make our day! A twist on Clint Eastwood and 'Dirty Harry' and the film's most famous quote. TransgenderZonedotComSatireOct2013 This Cartoon explained as some people didn't get it 🙂 - The Super Hero has stolen all the dilators in the world to build his Fortress at the North Pole - get it? Ever since I saw my first dilator I have had this joke in my head, of course the Superman 'S' logo and even the word is trademarked and fiercely guarded by its creators in artwork, so I have done my best to parody those two and the Icy 'Fortress of Solitude'. - but it still works ;). TransgenderZonedotComSatireNov2013 'The Gender Dysphoria Guidelines' have just been published - see our blog for more. TransgenderZonedotComSatireDec2013 As more Dames sell their pantomimes, maybe it is time to part with tradition? transpbiadtcted Transphobia Detected!


TransgenderZonedotComSatireJant2014 Dreams can come true. You just sometimes just have to wait! Happy New Year! Join us in the forum or watch the show live in 2014! Thanks for visiting and your support! TransgenderZonedotComSatireFeb2014 Just what will UK television comedy do if cross-dressing and transphobic gags were finally dealt with by broadcasters?! This dependency is why it continues - who else can comics abuse? TransgenderZonedotComSatireMarch2014 A lot of this about lately. Jared Leto's Oscar is just one example of this. Non-transpeople taking potential opportunities for themselves when with just a little effort on the part of casting directors can and should deliver results like 'Orange is the New Black' with Laverne Cox. Sadly the UK media is stuck in a transphobic time-warp and they wonder why so many of their viewers are leaving them for online content? In 1978 Julia Grant visited the Gender Clinic in London. You can watch our interview with her here. However there has always been an infamous sequence that deserved a satirical twist. courtesy of the transgender zone archives and Mr Lucas we hive you Gender Identity Wars! The Year is 1979 Darth Vader has just took some time out of his whirlwind promotional tour of Star Wars to assess Julia Grant at Charing Cross! The amazing thing is I have not altered the dialogue in any way this is just how things were in the 70s so think yourselves lucky with the team at CX today! To comment or if you cannot see the video please click here. TransgenderZonedotComSatireMay2014 This is having a dig at all those that use 'Trans-Currency' to make money, be they cisgender actors, drag artists, or stand-up comedians. When transgender people should be being cast! You can find out more about 'Transgender-Currency here!


Straightwall? Maybe they could add this little money spinner to their shop? This is part of the problem with LGB/T As it has very little relationship to the core problems and selling T-shirts here will not solve it. Only £15.00! I would keep that £15 quid in your pocket and buy your non-transmates a drink it will do more for our community in the long run! It is just as likely to be worn as the others in public try it when you are alone and see how it goes? (No don't do that). And it lumps straight transgender people in with GLB. Creating a link that really should be being dismantled. If you are interested in the 'Stonewall way' and want to spend £15 for a kick me sticker, click here to find out what Stonewall will be doing in your name. Look for the part that asks, "what is in this for them?.." ...

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