About us

The Transgender Zone has always believed that people simply need a mechanism to get together to shine. The forums is popular enough. But the next step is to try and ease individuals out of their shells and into the community in a safe a way as possible. There are few safer ways than to communicate on Skype with others in the same position. In a short time you will find you are making friends and even practicing the way you speak. Those that take the plunge quickly become addicted to our casual chats and debates. It is a lot of fun but sometimes serious too.


The Transgender Zone Friends Hub is basically a free proxy that protects you from needing to share your private account with strangers, you call us and we call others.

So we are in between and will deal with the rest.

You can join us in one of three ways.

1. Total privacy – listen to th audio stream and type chat to the hosts.

2. Call in on audio only and use a false name.

3. Send video and audio over Skype – this will be streamed.

Using only the best audio equipment we will host and ensure the guests via Skype can speak or been seen (your webcam is optional) through a mixer – we will send video of us and it is mixed using a Video mixer and returned within Skype to you..

Our group talks about diverse topics that include speech therapy, podcasts, interviews, informal discussions about trans topics and lightweight humour round table type chats.

Live chat is only as good as the people taking part so if you have an interest in talking rubbish this maybe perfect for you to get involved with ;).

If you are in business that in some way affects transgender people, perhaps you are an author, biographer, transvestite lifestyle products seller, politician, human rights campaigner then you may well want to take part in the very separate and more public podcasts, however the Friends group is not recorded for podcasting. We would of course promote any websites or books and so on as part of the podcast show notes as a thank you for taking part 🙂

How do you take part?

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