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Caroline Cossey Podcast – Tula Podcast 2015


Bond Girl, It Girl, Supermodel… Transgender Woman… Probably one of the most famous transgender women in the world. In this episode Sophia Christina Botha chats with Caroline about some key moments in her life and about what happened when she stepped away from the camera in the last 20 years. She also explains that it was the shock at seeing the prices of her autobiography spiralling that inspired her to re-release it on Kindle and audible.

Special Guest – Caroline Cossey

Sophia Botha
Interviewer – Sophia Christina Botha

Producer – Sam Johnson

Just a small selection of moments from Caroline’s life that accompany points raised in the interview.

(All images reproduced with the kind permission of Caroline Cossey).


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Caroline Cossey
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Caroline Cossey - My Story Autobiography

Caroline’s Book is now available on Amazon and Audible.