Transgender Zone Vlog #79 020315 – Trans Apocalypse!

Transgender Zone Vlog #79 020315 – They Survived the Trans Apocalypse!


Hosts – S Johnson, Janett Scott, Rona Rees.

Chat room and Contributers.

Tonight ….

Gay star news sophia Argos

Peter Tatchel Staement Tzone and IBTimes Article

GMC Jane Fae Article

Guardian Eddie Redmayne to play Lili Elbe article

Bethany Black transgender zone review

34 countries video link

TOP GEAR Ladyboy Comment

Father ‘stabbed to death his transgender daughter, 22, before calling 911 and saying she was killed by fellow ‘cult members’

I Survived the Zombie Apocalypse REVIEW – Transgender Leah – BBC3

Rona Rees (Vice President of the Beaumont Society)
Running time: 01.17.20

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