Skype Support and Discussion Group Show Notes 12th Aug 2013 – UK Transgender Memorial.

Skype Support and Discussion Group Show Notes 12th Aug 2013


Tony Cooper (Special Guest).
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Our special guest tonight was Tony Cooper the Chair of The Sackville Gardens Transgender Memorial in Manchester UK.

Vandalised Transgender Memorial Manchester, UK.
And it’s recent vandalism

We recently reported on this in the Latest News section.

He spoke about how the memorial came about. And the recent vandalism of it last week that made international news, we talk about how something so negative has actually increased awareness of its existence, we look at what ironically is the blessing in disguise that has come from that. The hopes for the future and the plans for the November Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Other topics on the agenda were Children dealing with a parent’s transition. And the New Netflix series that stars transgender actress Laverne Cox in the hit US prison series ‘Orange is the new Black’. We looked at her part in this and how she came across. We will review the whole series in due course.

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Transgender Zone VLOG Episode #14 August 12th, 2013 – Transgender Memorial, Manchester, UK.