Luke Anderson – an extended biographical Interview with the Big Brother UK Winner.

Netcast Recorded Thursday 13th Dec 2012 – Luke Anderson.

This show is a Production.

All music created, produced and composed by Ice Maiden especially for the show.

Images reproduced with the kind permission of Luke Anderson (no unauthorised use is permitted).

Luke - Coolhand Luke.

Luke Anderson

Sam Johnson talks to Luke Anderson, the winner of Big Brother UK 2012 about his life as a transman and his past in the female gender role. This is split into eight 20min podcasts.

Show Notes

Your Host Ice Maiden (Sam).

Contributors Luke Anderson.

Just a small selection of moments from Luke’s life that accompany points raised in the interview..

Links Luke on Facebook  (external Link). Link to Luke on Twitter @LukeA_BB (external Link). Link to Luke's chosen website (external Link). Link to ASL Celebrity Chefs Video       Teaser - 6mins -recording click here for some highlights of the broadcast to see if this may interest you.   1. Childhood - from Afrikaans to 'popty ping'. "All we had was the yellow pages!"   2. Catering - celebrities, transition and 'Larry'   3. NHS - Mi5 - and where is my beard?   4. Relationships -  Becki the perfect plate taxi! Butch lesbian or straight man?   5. Big Brother - "I was more worried for the community than myself."   6. Big Brother - "the cut-throat auditions and the little black book! It's like a military operation!"   7. Big Brother - "superficially He has got a body I'd like!" "We missed the hurricane by a mile!"   8. Abuse - "the media think we are lower then them."   9. Questions, Questions! - Celebrity Chef, a house, and our own worst enemies.   10. Outtakes (a bit of lightweight comedy - during the interview we had some funny moments and mistakes worth listening to).   Throughout this interview the discussion is peppered with questions sent in via email via our forum request by trans men. If you want to know the whole story of Luke Anderson in the house click here, this interview covers the man and his life and although touches on Big Brother we direct you here for the show itself. Transgender Netcast Episodes   Audio Full Length MP3 unavailable to download at this time.